July 4 - 9, 2010
Hosted by TRIUMF at the
University of British Columbia
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Eligibility for Student Travel Grant
To be eligible for a student travel grant, you must:
  • Be a graduate student in good standing in a program related to the topics covered by INPC2010.
  • Expect to receive your graduate degree after January 1, 2010.
  • Complete the INPC online registration form. (You can exit when you get to the payment screen.)
  • Arrange for a letter of support to be submitted by your graduate research supervisor, attesting to your qualifications and describing your level of need, by email to inpcstudent_at_triumf_dot_ca.
  • Arrange for one other letter of support from a person familiar with your work, by email to inpcstudent_at_triumf_dot_ca.
  • Submit an abstract describing your research for presentation as a poster. The abstract will be reviewed by the Program Committee to ensure it passes the conference acceptance criteria.
  • Prepare a poster for presentation in the student poster sessions. If the abstract is accepted for an oral presentation, it is still expected that the student will participate in the poster session.
  • Agree to provide some assistance during conference sessions.
  • Be able to attend the entire conference.

All application materials must be received by March 15, 2010.

Graduate students accepted at the joint National Nuclear Physcs Summer School - TRIUMF Summer Institute (NNPSS-TSI) will have their registration fees waived without the need for supporting letters, if they satisfy the other conditions above. With letters of support, NNPSS-TSI students can apply for further grant funds as above. Separate online registrations must be completed for both NNPSS-TSI and INPC.

Regrettably, these grants may not necessarily cover all costs of attending the conference. The value of each grant will be based partly on need, and will be communicated to the recipients by April 30, 2010.

Photo credits:Toursim Vancouver